HRT PPC: A Small Victory For British Transwomen

HRT PPC: A Small Victory For British Transwomen

03/29/23 17:57:20

From the 1st of April transwomen in the UK will now be able to apply for a Prescription Prepayment Certificate, reducing the cost of estrogen patches, gels, and pills significantly. For the price of two prescription charges you will now have twelve months worth of HRT prepaid, a yearly saving of £100(assuming your prescription charge is £10~ each month).

Unfortunately the PPC does not cover testosterone or anti-androgen medication. The stated purpose of the PPC is to reduce the cost of HRT for menopausal women, with the announcement making no mention of trans patients; but for the 150,000~ transwomen who will likely be taking HRT for the rest of their lives this is a huge help, especially in these inflationary times. The linked webpage makes clear: "If your HRT medicine is covered but you take it for reasons other than the menopause, you can still use an HRT PPC."

This money was already stolen from you, so you might as well claim some of it back in Good Girl Meds.

Stay gay.

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