The Hypocrisy Of NATO Isn't Lost On Me

The Hypocrisy Of NATO Isn't Lost On Me

02/27/22 17:13:52

I have spent the majority of my discussions on the recent war in the Ukraine denouncing both sides, those being the ruling classes of both America and Russia, and to my astonishment this has been met, on the whole, with hostility. Those I once thought had their heads screwed on have been whipped up into a tribal frenzy, as though they were football hooligans spectating a final. It's rather like the COVID affair, when corpo-hating socialists suddenly became PR department employees of Pfizer, defending a worthless and potentially harmful product mandated by government.

What happens in the Ukraine is non of our business, and if the American State's foreign policy subscribed to that philosophy we wouldn't be in this mess we currently find ourselves. The crisis in the Ukraine is a product of American State imperialism largely unnoticed by the public until now, once it's too late. I don't forget the decades of horrific aggression pursued by NATO simply because their favourite punching bag has now decided to hit back. I condemn the actions of the Russian ruling class, but I must ask whether NATO support of the Ukraine will only increase the suffering of those in the region. Our economic sanctions do nothing to stop the invasion, which is funded through theft, they only further hurt the Russian people for their familiar plight of being governed by kleptocrats. For those who cheer on NATO foreign policy, I ask whether you would accept the rest of the world impoverishing you for NATO aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria? The consequences of those polices FAR outweigh anything done by the Russian State, and yet I'm supposed to take the side of NATO? No thank you.

My thoughts are with the people in Russia and the Ukraine.

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